Testing of Water & Waste Water

Check the purity of your water in laboratory or industrial environments with Spectrum’s selection of lab wastewater testers. Whether you’re testing for sludge quality and need the settlometer kit used in analyzing the activated sludge process; or you need to monitor the concentration of sodium chloride with the Salintest which assures high surety in aquaculture systems, we have what you need. We also carry chlorine analyzers, turbidity meters, ultra pure water testers and more.

Effluent and wastewater analysis is conducted at our laboratory. We have decades of experience of effluent and wastewater testing, providing regulatory and operational effluent analysis to UKAS and MCERTS standards.

We offer an extensive analytical testing service for a variety of water and waste waters including:

  • Sewage effluent
  • Trade effluent
  • Raw Water

Regular analysis of raw water quality preferably once in a week in large water treatment plants is necessary to identify and correct the problems likely to be faced in the water treatment.

  • If the fluctuation in quality of water is rapid, the analysis should be undertaken at short intervals.
  • Turbidity is not a special problem as the dosage of coagulant is adjusted on a daily routine.

On the other hand a sudden rise in chloride content will indicate pollution due to sewage.