Oil & Water Seperators


A ZLD treatment system utilizes advanced technological water treatment processes to limit liquid waste at the end of your industrial process to, as the name suggests, zero.If the treated water is being reused in an industrial process, it’s typically pumped into a holding tank where it can be used based on the demands of the facility. The ZLD treatment system should have purified the water enough tobe safely reused safely in your processZero liquid discharge (ZLD) attempts to eliminate the problem of high TDS waste streams by removing all dissolved solids on-site and reclaiming water. Designs differ, but ZLD systems can concentrate dissolved solids until only damp solid waste remains. Solid waste is disposed of off-site and nearly all water is reclaimed and reused within the plant. While that’s the theory, reality is somewhat different. Developers, designers, and operators must understand and appreciate what ZLD is and isn’t. With that foundation, it’s possible to examine the various ZLD building blocks and designs