Dosing Pumps

We manufacture and supply premium quality Dosing pumps that are widely used in industrial houses for several industrial applications. The Chemical Dosing pumps provided by us has been in huge demand in the markets because of its high pumping capacity and easy operations. Our Liquid Dosing pumps can pump any forms of liquids like normal chemicals, viscous, slurry-laden, abrasive, corrosive liquids and other substances.

Dosing pumps are technically advanced range of pumps which are extensively used for mixing of different material. These are uniquely designed for maximum flow rate in tropical temperatures and where possible in really acid environments also. Dosing pumps offered by us are engineered using latest techniques and under the supervision of experienced quality controllers. These are extensively used for dosing different fluids with their highly varied viscosities. Besides, these can be safely used for chemically aggressive and toxic fluids also.

Ultraviolet (UV)

Shreyansh Water Engineer (SWE) is a supplier of commercial and industrial ultraviolet (UV) water treatment systems. Our UV purification systems are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of most water purification applications. For applications greater than 500 GPM, multiple UV water systems can be combined in series or parallel to meet the necessary flow requirements.

A UV water purifier is a simple yet effective way to destroy microorganisms in water. A typical UV water treatment system uses an ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms, and may be combined with a water filter to trap these and other contaminants.


New design more beautiful than the old handle, and difficult to break

O-ring is increased from one to two, sealing more reliable

Ball is milled and polished via CNC machine to enhance its roundness for low-torque and high sealing

Based on market feedback, the buckle design is changed to rotary melting, body impact strength is increased

The bottom of stem is designed with arc-shape, easily in conjunction with the ball of low-torque

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Activated Carbon

Activated carbon filters used for home water treatment typically contain either rough activated carbon or powdered block carbon. Although both are effective, carbon block filters generally have a higher contaminant removal ratio. The two most important factors affecting the efficiency of activated carbon purification are the amount of carbon in the unit and the amount of time the contaminant spends in contact with it. The more carbon the better. Similarly, the lower the flow rate of the water, the more time that the contaminants will be in contact with the carbon, and the more absorption that will take place. Particle size also affects removal rates. Activated carbon filters are usually rated by the size of the particles they are able to remove.


An Antiscalant is a pre-treatment inserted into the feed water before the feed water enters the RO membranes. Its existence delays the reaction between calcium magnesium and bicarbonate. This results is scale not forming as the water is being purified by the RO.

Antiscalant is a pre-treatment water additive for reverse osmosis system that is highly effective in preventing the membranes from scaling. Before the feed water enters the reverse osmosis membrane, an antiscalant is injected into the water and sent the through the system. The chemicals creates a time delay between the bicarbonate and the calcium magnesium. The delay allows the water to pass through the membrane before any chemical reaction, in which scale can form, occurs.

Bag Filters

A Bag filter works by the principle of micro-filtration. The liquid is purified in bags by passing small permeable pores. Bag filters can be used for large amounts of water.

A bag filter is a small bag made of a filtering material that attaches to a sturdy ring at the opening. The bag sits inside a filter housing and as the bag fills with water, it seeps through the filter’s tiny holes, leaving behind unwanted contaminants. When you want high flow rate and basic cleansing, a bag filtration is a great solution.

Cartridges Filters

Cartridge filtration units generally operate most efficiently and economically on applications having pollution levels of less than 100 ppm. For heavier contamination applications, cartridges are normally used as final polishing filters

Shreyansh Water Engineer (SWE) distributes replacement cartridge filters (or filter cartridges) and filter housings that are used in conjunction with the production of ultrapure water for laboratory or manufacturing purposes and common residential water treatment applications.

Filter Housing

Whole house filter housing parts are a member of the water filter parts family. These filter housing parts assist with the installation and maintenance of your whole house water filter system. Our filter housing parts include cartridge couplers, filter housing caps, filter housing sumps and pressure relief buttons. All of these products have their own specific purpose. Cartridge couplers extend the length of your filter, filter housing caps stop the flow of water at an end location, and filter housing sumps hold water at the bottom of a filter.


Clarifiers are settling tanks built with mechanical means for continuous removal of solids being deposited by sedimentation. A clarifier is generally used to remove solid particulates or suspended solids from liquid for clarification and (or) setting. Concentrated impurities, discharged from the bottom of the tank are known as sludge, while the particles that float to the surface of the liquid are called scum.

Metal finishers requiring high-efficiency solids removal from metal hydroxide wastes are turning away from the traditional large round or four-sided clarifiers to Water & Wastewater Equipment Company’s line of Motivated Plate Clarifiers for these reasons.


Membranes are thin and pervious sheets of material able to distinct contaminants from water when a driving force is applied. Once considered a viable technology only for purification, membrane processes are progressively employed in both drinking water and wastewater treatment for removal of bacteria and other microorganisms, particulate material, micropollutants, and natural organic material, which can impart colour, tastes, and odours to the water and react with purifiers to form disinfection by-products(DBP). As advancements are made in membrane production and module design, capital and operating costs continue to decline.

Membrane Housing

Membrane module or membrane housing is pressure shell which can equip with ceramic membrane elements. The membrane housing’s shape design, seal design are very important part for the whole membrane filtration system.

Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels have made their mark on the water treatment industry. From residential treatment systems to commercial systems, pressure vessels are used in water softeners, filters and RO systems. we are involved into manufacturing wide range of Pressure Vessel. This Pressure Vessel is quality approved.


We offer Pumps for water treatment plant that are fabricated using quality material and are commended for performance and maintenance. These highly reliable and durable treatment plants are widely required in various industries. Our range includes DM water plants, water softeners, reverse osmosis plants and many more.

Pumps are used to push the polluted water or sewage in the plant to pass through different treatment processes. Here you will know about the most usually used pumps in various waste water treatment plants